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Harvey L. Brown has an impressive thirty–seven plus years in the construction industry. His extensive experience in the field has great depth and covers a large area of the western United States, making him an expert in commercial/industrial/residential building development.

Born in California and raised in South East Idaho, in 1974 Harvey started in residential building at the age of 17 with his father, building their first home near Rexburg, Idaho.

That was just the beginning; Harvey’s timeline reads like an adventure in construction and related fields:

1976 - 1977: Harvey supervised custom housing development needed after the massive destruction of the Teton Dam break in Idaho. In 1978 – 1979 he then helped to develop apartment complexes in Alaska, staying through the winter and enjoying summer salmon fishing on the Kenai and Russian rivers.

1980 – 1986: Harvey assisted in the design and supervision of building commercial structures for a church in Utah. Founded a Utah remodeling business, rebuilding structures damaged by fire, smoke or heavy snows.

1987 -1989: In Missouri and Kansas his heavy equipment crews placed hundreds of miles of various information cables over a three year period.

1990 – 1993: Las Vegas gave Harvey experience in city infrastructure, industrial development, supervision of road and bridge infrastructure on I-15 and working on bridges in the greater Las Vegas area.

1994 – 1999: Northern Utah: Founded a business installing custom log homes. Some were so far from civilization that no utilities were available, so Harvey then successfully designed and developed alternative power sources such as solar electric, hydroelectric and wind electric for both these homes and for his own needs.

2000 – 2011: Worked and supervised buildings such as the Clark County municipal building, schools, UNLV Medical building, UCSD science building, water treatment plants and water reservoirs with pumping stations. Began studying real estate investment.

Over the course of more than three decades Harvey has successfully supervised infrastructure projects up to one hundred million dollars, commercial projects over fifty million and residential projects up to two million dollars. His combined experience tops three hundred million dollars worth of projects. He has trained countless supervisors and personnel to meet the rigorous demands of the building industry.

Educated in commercial law, investor short sale process and commercial property acquisition, he continually expands his education. Due to recent market trends, he is currently investing in commercial and residential real estate full time as well as overseeing renovation of various projects.

Harvey is a family man and currently lives (in a home which he successfully bought at short sale!) with his adored 6 year old daughter in Las Vegas. He enjoys body building, nutrition, skiing, building computers, chess, cooking, learning and participates in community activities.