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USA Wealth Partners is an Alternative Asset Investment Company created to inform and assist individuals that have been affected by the recent economic downturn. If your portfolio has suffered huge losses and you are tired of misleading press reports, you are probably searching for a way to make your money start performing again. We do this for our clients to assure that the money they have to invest performs at the level they desire.

At USA Wealth Partners, we have a very different approach. We believe that transparency, disclosure and trust are fundamental to our business operations. The truth is, we all know that the economy has not recovered. At USA Wealth Partners we have found a way to Create Our Own Economy with safe, secure and profitable Alternative and Real Estate Investments that consistently outperform the stock market . With all the downturns in the financial world recently, all of the rules of making money have changed. To make money in today’s economy we cannot follow the old rules we were taught in school. We must change with the times and use relevant strategies for making money now with existing current market trends.

Our Investment Principles and Philosophies

  • Clients First
    We carefully consider each client’s objectives and needs in order to determine the strategy that would maximize their desired result.
  • Accountability
    Our business is built on responsibility, integrity and accountability. Our reputation and reliability is
    always on the line.
  • Excellence
    We firmly believe that anything less is unacceptable. We encourage our team to use creativity to find opportunities overlooked by others.
  • Teamwork
    Teamwork is required for our managing partners to ensure that every investment performs at his
    maximum capacity.

We are living in uncertain times and change makes things even scarier. If you are unfamiliar with Alternative Asset and Real Estate Investments, you might be a little wary. The truth is that now is the best time to invest with experienced partners. In Real Estate, approximately 60% of all commercial loans will come due in the next few years. This creates an unprecedented financial opportunity, the likes of which we will probably not see again in our lifetimes. Many of these loans are attached to occupied, multi-family, affordable housing. The need for this type of housing will increase with the population every year. The USA Wealth Partners Real Estate team is well positioned to acquire viable assets at desirable values, while partnering with our clients.

Recent reports from MSN and CNN confirm that rental rates are rising as well as housing demands. Even multiple sources in the media now agree that it is the best time to invest in Real Estate, Commodities and other Alternative Assets. What makes USA Wealth Partners unique is that we are aimed towards people who do not have the time or knowledge to participate in these types of opportunities, but could benefit tremendously from partnering with a company of experts that does. Our Managing Partners, our Executives and Advisory Board here at USA Wealth Partners have designed a program to achieve the objectives of our clients as well as accurately serve their needs. Together we offer over 200 Years of combined experience to provide to our investors. Our investments are made with honesty, caution and a view towards increasing the long term well being and value of our clients portfolios.

We invite you to become part of our family here at USA Wealth Partners.

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