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USA Wealth Partners has a board of advisors that together possess more than 200 years of experience in Direct Investment and Real Estate related industries. We have real world knowledge of cutting edge strategies that keep our clients informed as to what strategies work in today’s market.

We match buyers with Investment opportunities and assist them every step of the way.

USA Wealth Partners offers an exclusive turn - key system that provides:

  • Both Direct and Real Estate Investments, some EB-5 qualified.
  • Economic and demographic studies to identify stable and or emerging markets.
  • Superior negotiation and acquisition skills.
  • Acquisition, loan process assistance and maintenance of refinance needs
  • Maximization of cash flow by reduction and control of operating expenses
  • Property management network to monitor, audit and supervise onsite manager’s activities and production.
  • Oversees property improvement to force appreciation and increase equity.
  • Monitor Real Estate Cycle to ensure proper exit strategy and oversee sale of assets

We source multiple types of alternative Direct Investments; in addition we buy cash flowing, occupied, multi-family housing properties well below market value; we do not bet on appreciation. The reason we can buy these performing multi-family assets below market is due to the large number of lenders that are unwilling to renew the notes that have expired on these properties. Many of these properties were refinanced by the current owners before the market crashed. They were put on five to seven year balloon notes that have come due (a balloon note is defined as an interest only loan or a principal and interest paid loan, but at the end of the five to seven year term, the entire note becomes due and payable). It is estimated more than 60% of these loans will come due in the next two years. These current owners are now forced to sell by FDIC auditors or the banks. So, their property can be purchased at a discount because the banks don’t want the paper on the books.

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We focus on Investments that only meet very specific criteria. This provides a unique safety net strategy to protect our investors and the cash flow from the income producing asset from rising interest rates. This also provides flexibility during the holding period. This means we can sell our cash flowing asset for a handsome profit if we want to, but we don’t have to. We look for quality not quantity. We find the needle in the haystack that provides excellent returns. Our conservative approach allows us to help you invest safely, securely and very profitably. Many have often thought of Real Estate and Direct Investments, but lack the time and skill to do it properly and effectively. USA Wealth Partners was created to remove that obstacle by putting experts to work for you.

Everything has changed. The old rules of investing no longer apply. The next eighteen months will provide those “in the know” with the greatest buying opportunities in the history of this country. You can be a part of a community who profits from some of the best Real Estate investments of our life time.

USA Wealth Partners has a Partnership Program to help you grow and continue in these opportunities for life. We stay up on market trends, reassessing and re-evaluating current and future investment strategies regularly.

Even now recent press reports from multiple, credible Media sources are confirming that Real Estate and Direct Investments are some of the best investments to make. These often well exceed returns that are seen in the stock market. However, as with anything else, timing is everything and this massive buyer’s market will not last. When you partner with USAWP we do all the work for you from the beginning to the end. Your success is our success.

To begin the process, please contact us immediately for more information.

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