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Carolyn Padron is the founder and a Senior Managing Partner of USA Wealth Partners. She has spent more than twenty years in southern California, Las Vegas and the Midwest in sales, marketing and real estate investing. She has bought, sold, and managed built and renovated millions of dollars in apartment units, single family residences and Mobile home parks. Her many experiences and contacts during this time have fueled her enthusiasm for capitalizing on opportunities that present themselves in these constantly-changing areas. Over the last 5 years Carolyn noticed an emerging opportunity in the asset class of mobile home & RV parks. Focusing her efforts there over the past five years has proven to be, by far, the most profitable investments of her career!

Professional experience:

Real Estate Development / General Contracting / Sales & Marketing / Property Management
/ Recruitment & Training / Capital Raises / Public Speaking / Motivational Speaking

Seasoned in all facets of Real Estate development negotiations, acquisitions, resale, monitoring of real estate cycles and exit strategies for profitable investments.

  • Professional experience in Sales & Marketing
  • General contractor
  • Property Manager
  • Negotiation Specialist

Specializes and skilled in recruitment, training of sales teams, public speaking, motivational training, and capital raises for alternative investments that out perform traditional ones.

Beginning with pre-foreclosures and foreclosures of single-family homes, she quickly progressed to working as general contractor on renovations, rehabs, Historical and commercial renovations. Her subsequent experience in acquisition and management of portfolios of multi-family housing for herself evolved into her present interest in matching the investor to the appropriate deal. This has inspired her vision for USA Wealth Partners: to provide a service to the individual who wants to invest safely and securely in real estate but who lacks the time and knowledge to do so on their own.

Carolyn is the first born child of Cuban and Italian immigrant families. Her fondest memories as a little girl are of her mother’s parents speaking Italian while her father’s parents spoke Spanish. She derives her work ethic from the hard working mindset established by her parents. She feels that God, family, community and country are the fundamentals to building a successful business. USA Wealth Partners was founded with a vision and a mission to help build a smarter Planet, Community and Economy through education-based real estate investing and profitable partnerships.

Carolyn is passionate about educating people so they can understand today’s market, and help them recover and profit from it. She believes it is time for us to band together, to take back control of our finances, and create a community of people that are educated and wealthy enough to affect the change that we have all been waiting for. Carolyn believes in the American dream and that business owners should be rewarded for their contributions to society. Real estate is and always has been one of the best tax shelters available to the general public. The time has come for Carolyn to share her invaluable knowledge learned over the years with those who have a desire to listen.

Carolyn, her mother and highly decorated Marines at the JCS Event Gala 2012
Carolyn, her mother and highly decorated
Marines at the JCS Event Gala 2012

Carolyn is constantly expanding her sphere of knowledge of finance, investment and real estate through continuing education. Her many eclectic interests include exploring organic and alternative health options, fitness, and gourmet cooking. She nurtures her artistic side designing and creating jewelry. Along with her husband, Martin, and two children she enjoys travel and involvement in the children’s education and sports activities.

Carolyn currently supports the Make A Wish Foundation, Down Syndrome Association, St. Vincent De Paul Society, Hispanic Leaders Group, Hispanic Chamber of Commerce and the Joshua Chamberlain Society, and currently serves as an advisor on the Directory Board for Sage Exports, LLC.