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Edgar Ellermann: President and founder of E.W. Ellermann Inc. Edgar is a licensed real estate broker and has a long history of experience in all facets of real estate investments. With over forty years in the industry, his name has become synonymous with the “Gold Standard” in real estate development.

Edgar has done every type of investment including buying, managing, and selling residential apartment buildings, development of raw land and large rural elderly housing complexes, subdivision development and Office buildings. He has tenant occupied properties and is best known for his high end, multi - million dollar custom home development. Edgar and his business associate Lee Zingale have worked with and been commissioned to build homes for some of the most recognized names in the country.

Edgar attended St. Louis Country Day School, University of Pennsylvania, Wharton School and has an MBA from Washington University. Edgar is also a United States Veteran serving as 1st Lieutenant U.S Army in Korea and receiving the Certificate of Achievement Award.

Edgar enjoys skiing, reading, playing bridge and travel abroad in his free time. He has served on many boards including the Advisory Board for Private Bank, St. Louis Opera Theatre, Concordia Seminary of St. Louis and USA Wealth Partners.

Edgar and Carolyn have been investing in Real Estate together for over a decade. His expertise and advice are of great value to USA Wealth Partners and we are privileged to have him as one of our advisors.

"I have invested in real estate with Carolyn and Martin Warenberg multiple times in the last fifteen years. During that time I have been pleased with their performance and impressed with their ability. They have been able to deliver as promised and have shown that they will do whatever is necessary to protect and maximize their clients' investment."
- Edgar Ellermann
    E.W. Ellermann Inc.