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Martin Warenberg is President and Senior Managing Partner of USA Wealth Partners. He has dual degrees from St. Louis University in International Business and Economics. His experience encompasses twenty one years in mortgage banking as well as real estate investments. His knowledge of financing extends to all types of commercial and residential loans, including processing and underwriting procedures.

Over the years he has bought, sold and managed millions of dollars in various types of real estate. He is an expert in foreclosures, short sales, credit counseling and a negotiation specialist. His diplomacy and master negotiation skills add another dimension to USA Wealth Partners that puts us a cut above the competition. His creative abilities enable USA Wealth Partners to structure real estate investments in the most profitable way possible.

Martin is the late born child of WWII survivors. His parents, both German immigrants from the war met and married in St. Louis, Missouri. Although both were German and lived through the war, they have very different perspectives. His father was an Austrian of Jewish faith and his mother was a German Catholic. His father spent six years in various concentration camps and survived his family while his mother watched as her brothers and her fifty five year old father were forced into a war they knew little to nothing about. Thanks to the United States of America and the Allied Forces, his parents were able to live out a loving marriage and long life here in the Midwest. Martin grew up speaking German at home and English in school. He later learned Spanish as an exchange student in Madrid, Spain.

With a strict but loving upbringing Martin learned to embody the work ethic of the WWII generation and the ability to relate to today’s youth as well. He possesses an innate ability to read the market, and real estate cycles which gives USA Wealth Partners a competitive edge.

He is a United States Veteran, serving as Army Corporal Specialist number 4, and earning the Army Achievement medal in 1987. He is also fluent in three languages: English, Spanish and German.

Martin is an avid sports fan favoring the St. Louis Cardinals, a music lover and plays several instruments. He enjoys spending time with his wife and two young children, as well as golfing, skiing, motorcycles and travel. Martin also supports the Joshua Chamberlain Society assisting fallen Veterans, The Make a Wish Foundation and the Down Syndrome Association.