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Lee Zingale: Lee has served as Vice President of E.W. Ellermann Inc. the last twenty five years; he is a licensed real estate agent and possesses a vast knowledge of sales and marketing. Lee worked eighteen years as the Advertising and Media Director, Consumer Products Division and Executive Vice President of Checkerboard Advertising at Ralston Purina Company. He is an expert in investment and management of multi-family buildings, investing in planning and construction of high end custom homes, multi-family condos, commercial buildings, subdivisions, residential rehabilitation and historic renovation.

His diverse marketing, advertising and real estate expertise make him a key component of USA Wealth Partners Advisory Board. He possesses a unique understanding of market trends, advertising knowledge and real estate cycles that set him apart from the competition. His long history as an expert real estate investor combined with his sales, marketing and advertising experience gives him a deep understanding of today’s market.

Lee attended John Burroughs School, Princeton University - Cum Laude, and Washington University Medical School. He enjoys going to the opera, playing bridge, reading and traveling abroad in his free time. Lee has been involved in the Advertising and Program Book Committee for the Opera Theatre of St. Louis for twenty five years; he serves on an Advisory Committee of the St. Louis Racquet Club, and performs charitable work for the St. Louis Art Museum, St. Louis Symphony, Child Center of Mary Grove, Princeton University and John Burroughs School.

Lee is a key member of USA Wealth Partners Advisory Board and we are proud to have his expertise available.

"Carolyn and Martin Warenberg have been conscientious investment partners for more than 15 years. They have provided competent research and excellent due diligence on all the projects in which we have been involved. They have an all around knowledge of the various real estate investments available and we have great confidence in their abilities."
- Lee Zingale
  Vice President
E.W. Ellermann Inc.